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Deep State’s Plan ‘C’: Murder Donald Trump

Murder Donald Trump

January 03/2018 Info Wars Reports:  Russian investigation coming apart and impeachment is not likely. Longtime Donald Trump advisor and confidante Roger Stone is warning once again about the deep state. This time, he said that the deep state’s “plan C” is to simply murder the president, since plans A and …

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Disastrous National Security Breach in U.S. Congress

security breach

They are working with the secular Progressive Socialists to bring down not merely President Donald Trump, but the United states. Unless you’re plugged in to the independent media, there’s a good chance that you’ve not yet heard of one of the largest and arguably most important cases of government infiltration …

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Napolitano: Trump First President to Confront Deep State

Shadow government desperate to destroy uncompromised ‘People’s President’ Judge Andrew Napolitano praised Donald Trump as the first president to challenge the mysterious, controlling Deep State in the modern American era. “The has a very wise and shrewd adversary – the man in the Oval Office,” he said. “[It is] the …

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Hal Lindsay Report / March 03/2017

The Real Battle for America Has Now Begun As I’ve told you several times in the last few weeks, I believe the real battle for America has now begun. The election of Donald Trump as our 45th President didn’t end the struggle. It started it. Even though he is an …

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