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Women Love the SS Stun Batons Combination Taser – Powerful LED Flashlight

Stun Batons

Women love and Survival blog endorses the SS Stun Batons combination Taser and Powerful LED Flashlight. Home alone or walking the dog, its just comforting just knowing if a threat arises you are not defenseless.

True this stun baton is legal for defense against animals only, but you are entitled to defend yourself regardless of the circumstances.

I don’t know how many women have told me they want one of these incredible multi functional flashlights. Their husbands works out of town or they are afraid going to and from their vehicles at night. There are so many reasons to want one. Who would not want one is more the question?

Some people are concerned for the safety of the kids in the house if you own one. This is a valid concern. Treat the stun baton like you would anything else you do not want your children to get a hold of such as knives, guns, prescription drugs etc. There is an safety activation button on the end of the unit for precautionary measures.

Survival Solutions offers a 90-Day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty. The Baton comes with 2 – 18650 rechargeable batteries, a wall charger, Carabiner style belt clip, User manual and Spec sheet. It’s made from aviation grade aluminum with standard hard oxidation, 19 inches long.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with wanting to protect yourself or your loved ones. Don’t be a victim!

Like the Great Outdoors? The SS Stun Batons Versatility is For You

Not everyone is licensed to carry a firearm. Having one of these babies strapped to your side is the next best thing.

Camping, fishing, hiking or whatever it is you are doing at least you will have a fighting chance should danger arise. Just the sound of the SS Stun Baton being activated will probably solve most problems before they become irreversible.

Order the incredible stun baton Now!

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