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‘Suicide Squad’ Saves Civilians from ISIS Stronghold in Philippines

Suicide Squad

RT reports: A group of Filipino rescuers, nicknamed the Suicide Squad, are risking their lives to save hundreds of civilians trapped in Marawi, which is under the control of Islamic State-linked militants. RT traveled to the area to speak exclusively to the group.

The Suicide Squad have rescued more than 500 civilians in the last two weeks, RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij said, reporting from Marawi, on Mindanao island.

“It started on our first mission when it was very dangerous, when most of our members were shot at when trying to save people,” Saripada Pacasum, a Suicide Squad member, told RT.

He said the group frequently comes under attack from jihadist fighters, who captured the southern city, which has a predominantly Muslim population, in May.

“Shots were fired when we tried rescuing some. There were also shots in our direction, so it’s pretty risky. That’s why every time we step out of the provincial capital to engage in saving people, we are also scared that we might not make it,” Pacasum said.

Attempts to rescue thousands of civilians trapped in the fierce fighting between government troops and Islamist militants failed on Sunday after a temporary four-hour ceasefire, announced to let rescue workers like the Suicide Squad in, was broken after less than an hour.

Heavy gunfire and explosions from artillery shells forced the rescuers to retreat.

The military “did not approve entry into high-risk areas to avoid putting our humanitarians in danger and any possibility that may complicate the situation,” President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman, Ernesto Abella, said in a statement.

He said 120 militants had died, along with 38 government forces and 19 civilians believed to be executed by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) fighters.

Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra told reporters on Sunday morning he expected “more or less 1,000 plus [civilians] to be rescued.”

Only some 170 trapped civilians were rescued on Sunday, however, AFP reported, citing the Filipino military.

According to Reuters, just 134 Marawi residents were freed.
Amongst those rescued by the Suicide Squad was a middle-aged woman, who went four days without any food.

“They shot at us when we were coming here,” she told RT. “The rescuers, they saved us. We were scared… Thank you, because of them we got rescued.”

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