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Obama’s Political Legacy: The Coup Klutz Clan!

Inkletter reports: Obama’s Political Legacy – The Coup Klutz Clan!

Shadow Government

We are living in fantastic times… there are conspiracy theories and then there are just plane conspiracies! Who knew we would be seeing a bold-faced democrat mutiny, a “Shadow Government” emerging as a coup d’étate against Trump? These things were only spoken of in hushed tones behind closed doors, but now… an in-your-face insurrection? You know, if it weren’t being pulled off by the failed Democrat Party it might even be scary! But if this is all Obama’s Political Legacy amounts to, history will record these bumbling liberals as… “The Coup Klutz Clan!”

I know this whole thing isn’t just going away, and there is some real-time damage being done to the Trump administration, yet I do think that with each new unveiling of a new tactic, so will be the underestimation of the force they are contending with. Because it isn’t just the administration that these mutinous sorts are up against… it is America! Americans voted, and will if necessary, come out in force to stomp out these fires of rebellion!

Now before you go all SNOWFLAKE on me and say this is racially motivated, I want you to know that I am only scrutinizing Obama’s white half… or should I say white-side? You see, I believe that there is only one race (the human race), so if someone wants to race-bait this argument, I say let’s canoe up this river a bit further. Obama has failed the black community… to quote Clarence McKee “So, looking back on Obama’s eight years, black and white voters have one thing in common — they were both bamboozled!”

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