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“Mini-Mosques” Bring 7th Century Islamic Gender-Apartheid to our Canadaian Public Schools

Public Officials are Flushing Western Values Down the Toilet

sharia in our public schools

The Rebel reports and so do I: It’s disturbing that public officials are flushing western values down the toilet while embracing prayer sessions that completely contradict the western values so many gave their lives to protect. Actually, it’s beyond disturbing. It’s downright treasonous.

Parents in Peel Region west of Toronto are fuming over the Peel District School Board’s decision to accommodate Muslim prayer in public schools, even if that means temporarily converting classrooms into mini-mosques.

PDSB, like other public school boards across Canada, were once committed to the separation of church and state, yet they aren’t committed to the separation of mosque and state and happily facilitate Islamic prayers, in Arabic no less.
In the spirit of “reasonable accommodation” these mosques have been given the green light.

Some school board head honchos claim their hands are tied noting they’re actually obliged to provide this reasonable accommodation under the Ontario Human Rights Code.

But how do they square the contradiction that accommodating Islamic prayers forces them to violate the charter value of gender equality? Why do they toss that charter value into the paper shredder and allow inherently sexist mini-mosques to operate on school property?

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