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Michele Romano / Healthy Dinner Ideas / Top Secret Recipes

Michele Romano

Michele Romano Recipes is a place where healthy dinner ideas, family, food and laughter are combined to nourish the body, mind and soul. It is not just about the food…… is a way of life.

  1. Body: Delicious healthy meals without compromising flavor, enjoyment or comfort.
  2. Mind: Knowledge of herbs, spices, grains, powerful super-foods and the nutritional facts about them. Learning to incorporate these God given treasures into your meal preparation and daily life.
  3. Soul: Immune boosting laughter, positive thinking, inspiring recipes, weekly uplifting quotes and words to nourish the heart. Being healthy on the outside begins with being healthy on the inside.

Experience the joy of preparing healthy meals while spending quality time at the dinner table with family, friends (and yes, maybe even the occasional stranger).


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