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Indoor Herb Gardening: Easily, Sustainably and Veganically

By Dan Mowinski – Indoor herb gardening is growing in popularity by the day. Space-stretched city-dwellers, foodies, and even people with big gardens are filling their kitchen windowsills with potted herbs.

There are so many benefits and almost no drawbacks. It’s cheaper, tastier and also possible to grow unusual and forgotten plants…yarrow or lovage, anyone?

In this little guide, and with the help of my infographic below, I want to cover the main steps involved in growing a scrumptious indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Gardening

Why sustainably and veganically?

I’ve been a vegan for the last five years and I avoid animal products in my garden whenever I can. “Veganic” herb growing is simple enough: avoid animal-based feeds and soil additives. No fish, blood and bone fertiliser and no manure, for example. The status of worm bins occupy a bit of a grey area and are a matter of personal preference.

It’s when you start to think about sustainability that things get a little trickier. Whilst it is possible to use completely sustainable potting media and feeds – homemade compost, coir, composted bark, seaweed etc. – buying them can be a hassle. Similarly, there is an ongoing debate about their status. Coir, for instance, which is a waste product derived from coconut hulls, is manufactured using large amounts of water and needs to be transported over long distances, thus leaving a carbon footprint.

I find that steering away from products where there is a serious risk of depletion is the best approach to take. This means growing without additions like peat (again, I recognise contentions around this issue), animal fertilisers and herbicides whilst allowing for the use of non-renewable materials like vermiculite and perlite, of which less than 1% of reserves have been mined over the last sixty years.

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