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Goals of the Islamo-Marxist Revolution in America

Those who oppose individual freedom being replaced with the collective enslavement of group-think and actions are not pro-humanity.

Islamo Marxist Revolution

Canadaian Free Press reports: The goals of those Islamo-Marxist who wish us to see them as “downtrodden,” “put upon” and “demeaned” because members of the US electorate were “stupid” in that they voted for now President Donald J. Trump are demanding that same president of the United States be removed (after just shy of four months in office) because they hate him.

If we-the-people refuse to comply, these same unprincipled politicos have told us they will forge ahead with their unceasing shouts and Dem Congress members (and a few RINOs…notably John McCain) will continue their refusals to engage in their jobs and will, instead, buck up their undereducated and paid ‘troops’ to continue their rioting, burning and pillaging against anyone who opposes their dark vision for mankind’s future. They will continue to harass us all until we remove President Trump from office.

Make no mistake. Those who oppose individual freedom being replaced with the collective enslavement of group-think and actions are not pro-humanity. Those who want to control the human population via abortion and, likely, soon the regulation of the number of children allowed per family are not pro-human. Those who organize, spawn, foment and encourage violent attacks against any and all of their fellow citizens who disagree with their menacing and deviant ways are definitely not pro-humanity.

The attacks against Constitutionalists are increasing almost exponentially each day. Conservative Constitutionalist (invited) speakers are being threatened by the Left with assaults at Universities nationwide and the Universities (recently and most notably University of California Berkeley) are now telling the anti-Communist speakers that they will have no police protection if they come. The leaders of these “bastions of higher learning” are telling the campus police forces to stand down if conservatives are attacked! Conservative Read stated that at UCB “according to YAF attorney prosecuting the case, the administrators instructed the police not to interfere in any anti-Coulter demonstrations no matter how violent, unless they endangered life. Of course this is nonsense because it’s pretty much impossible to know if life is endangered until someone is seriously hurt or killed. Obviously to be effective the police need to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

“To give the police official cover for refusing to serve or protect as is their solemn duty, Chancellor Dirks issued a baldly disingenuous statement that gives the “heckler’s veto” the university’s stamp of approval.”

President Trump is under one assault after another. Thus far, all of the news stories purporting that his ‘misdeeds’ rise to the level of impeachment have been discredited and proved to be malicious fake news mockup out of whole cloth by a progressively more virulent leftist attack-media. Note: Thus far, there have been no misdeeds proved to even successfully identify .We’re beginning to look more and more like Peronist Argentina.

The supposed “Russian-connection” between President Trump and Putin has been investigated since—at least—July 2016…long before Trump was elected. Nothing has, to date, been found. The Democrats are throwing every attempt to create a Trump scandal they can find, in order to keep the president from doing his job for we-the-people. The Left’s latest attempt is the assertion by the Left’s ever-faithful fake-news source The New York Times that purports President Trump obstructed justice by telling Comey to stop the investigation of Michael Flynn. The NYT says there is a memo on it. Said memo has yet to be produced. Hmmm. Former FBI Director Comey knows full well that under 18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony he was required to immediately report any suspected obstruction of justice. He did not. In fact, up until a day or so ago, he never even mentioned it. And, on 3 May 2017 Comey appeared before a Senate committee and said in answer to a committee member’s question that the Trump Administration “doesn’t obstruct investigations.” There is no “there…there” in any of these patently fabricated-by-the-Left fake stories against President Trump.

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