Monday , December 11 2017
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The last Few Weeks Have Been Dramatic In View of Bible Prophecy

Hal Lindsey reports: The last few weeks have been dramatic in view of Bible prophecy for these last days. Hurricane Harvey and, more importantly, its aftermath have wreaked unbelievable devastation on the coastal regions of Southeast Texas and Louisiana. And it continues. As I write these words, rooftop rescues are …

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The Significance Of Biblical Numbers & 2017

Isreal God's Time Piece

Isreal: God’s Time Piece I have never had a desire to study the significance of Bible numbers, but I have long believed that everything in the Bible is significant. I have always been leery of going too far in the study of numbers, but I have recently seen some amazing …

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Hal Lindsey Reports on the Emerging ‘Global Government’

Global Government

There are powerful people and organizations right here in the United States who have been working diligently for decades to bring America under the authority of a global government. They are being helped immeasurably by global economic upheaval. The debate rages over whether the various economic crises are a result …

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