Friday , October 20 2017
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Is It Time To Let The Gun Grabbers Win?

As could be expected, the recent shooting in Las Vegas has brought the gun grabbers out of the woodwork (or wherever they hide) to moan and bewail the NRA preventing them from enacting what they call “common sense gun laws,” while accusing anyone and everyone who isn’t in their camp …

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6 Simple Tricks To Survive An Urban Wildfire

Truly horrific fires occurred over the last decades and centuries. Right now, the situation in California is grabbing a great deal of attention because so many people believed it would never happen this quickly and while other areas of our nation are underwater from hurricanes. Our environment continues to change, …

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Best 5 Options For Off Grid Batteries To Choose From

As renewable fuel technologies develop, more and more people are looking to use them in order to reduce reliance on commercial electricity and other fuels. But both options can be quite expensive if you simply buy pre-fabricated power generation equipment and batteries for storage. That’s why our reader’s question makes …

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North Korea At War. Are We Going In?

In July of 1953, the Korean armistice was signed by North and South Korea, China and the United Nations Command, putting a stop to three full years of conflict. This isn’t to say the war ended, because it really didn’t. An armistice and a peace treaty aren’t the same thing. …

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Can You Survive Below Radar? Off Grid Tips And Tricks

Lately so many people are getting so fed up with pervasive totalitarian spying on literally everything we say and do, that they’re wondering whatever happened to the American Dream? Add in out of control greed municipal intrusions with building code tyranny for exorbitant property tax profits, not to mention a …

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