Tuesday , December 12 2017
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7 Ways To Fry Your Electronics (Beside EMP)

As preppers, we necessarily expend a lot of energy in preparations against EMP because of mankind’s enormous exposure to that threat, but in doing so, could there be other threats that we are forgetting? Beside EMP, what threats are there to electronics? There are at least 7 other factors that …

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Pros And Cons Of Modifying Your Firearms  

Most firearm manufactures build their weapons based on what they think most shooters will want. But defensive, hunting, and target shooting all require specific adjustments, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that most shooters wind up modifying their weapon to get the most out of it. In addition, there are likely …

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The Holiday Games Are On Once Again

With Thanksgiving now firmly behind us, we’re full-blown into the holiday season. The race is on, rushing downhill towards Christmas at breakneck speed. Stopping only long enough to visit the malls and max out our credit cards, buying gifts that people don’t want, with money we don’t have, so that …

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5 Essential Lighting Tips For Growing Food Indoors

Many people are wondering when a “perfect storm” of problems will cause massive food shortages. From ISIS infiltrators poisoning our food to large scale weather disruptions in key crop areas to financial system collapse, there is no such thing as an assured food supply in the years to come. Outdoor gardens, …

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Best Off-grid Power For A Wilderness Retreat

By now everybody realizes that in cataclysmic SHTF event the number one ‘culture shock’ moment for unprepared crybabies will be no more electricity! At first it will be more expected than anything else. Many of us have been through a power outage from a bad storm or equipment failure at …

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