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Silence of Muslims Across the World Concerning Terrorism

Silence of Muslims Across the World Concerning Terrorism Can be Explained Examining These 22 Facts About Islam

Twenty Two Facts About Islam

There is no freedom of religion.

Conversion away from Islam (even to atheism) is apostasy and subject to the penalty of death.

A non-Muslim—a “Kafir”, is never equal to a Muslim.

Democracy cannot truly exist in Islam because it makes a non-Muslim equal to a Muslim.

There is no Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would do unto you.)

It is not illegal to kill a Kafir.

A Muslim in Court may testify against a Kafir, but a Kafir cannot testify against a Muslim.

Justice is dualistic, there is one law for Muslim males and another set of laws for Muslim women and Kafirs.

A Kafir cannot bear arms.

There is no equality for women in Islam and women can be beaten.

A Muslim is not the friend of the Kafir. Muslims are advised not take Kafirs as friends in preference to other Muslims. Those that do this will have none of Allah’s protection, and will only have themselves as guards.

The Nation of Islam is called the the Ummah. It has no land boundaries.

All Muslims are called to protect the Ummah.

Muslims are called to lie if it furthers Islam or to protect jihad from Kafir authorities.

National constitutions are man-made documents of ignorance—jahiliyah as all Governments should be ruled by Sharia.

Unlike Common Law Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed.

There is no critical thought as the penalty for criticism of Islam or the Prophet is death.

A non-Muslim may not offend a Muslim even if what they are speaking out is the truth.

Jihad is a requirement of Islam.

The purpose of jihad is to increase Allah’s sovereignty in the world, personally and by geography.

A true believer supports jihad with their lives, belongings, protection or money.

Islam divides the world into dar el-salaam (the abode of peace) where Islam reigns; and dar-el harb (the abode of war) anywhere in the world not subjugated to Islam…where lying is also considered a necessary; evil, rape and murder of non-Muslims ranks as good.

Muhammad modelled these principals and subdued all of Arabia under Islam in just 10 years. The eventual goal of Islam, often referred to as the “cause of Allah” is the subjugation of the world for Islam.

Most moderates of Islam view terrorists as the soldiers of Islam necessary for the subjugation of the world to Islam—the ultimate objective of Islam and Allah’s cause. That is why Muslims don’t speak out against terrorism.

Think about it…

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